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Ivy was engaged in a long and stressful work many years ago. Due to her work, her temperament was irritable and her body began to develop problems. Later, she had the opportunity to get in touch with yoga. After practicing Yoga, she realized that she had changed a lot.

Ivy took a Yoga teacher certificate course with a famous teacher in 2011 and completed 500 hours of training. She is deeply in love with Yoga. Over the years, she has been practicing on her own, feeling the benefits and fun of Yoga, and has studied and practiced with different teachers. She aware that Yoga not only emphasizes the softness of the body, but also understands that the spirit of Yoga and the internal and external adjustments of the body are the unity of body, mind heart and spirit.

Ivy's teaching style, from simple to deep, allows students to adapt slowly. She often uses simple, funny, life style examples and metaphors to inspire students, let students to recognize the philosophy brewed in Yoga from asanas and mats to practice foundations. It is her attitude towards life to be internalized into her daily life and to gradually touch Yoga from the inside. She loves to share all she has learned and known with everyone.

1-ON-1 Private Class Fee

Class CodeNo of ClassPriceAverageValid Period
PT4428007002 Month(s)
PT6639606603 Month(s)
PT101060006004 Month(s)