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Ingrid started her yoga journey more than a decade ago. She has completed 500-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Training course. Furthermore, she honorably obtained the Professional Yoga Instructor Certificate issued by Australian Training for Fitness Professionals in 2007.

Yoga has revolutionized her personal experience and professional expertise. With her strong commitment, warmest enthusiasm and ever-positive dedication in Yoga, Ingrid believes her Yoga journey will continue merrily for the rest of her life.

Ingrid has good experience and professional knowledge in teaching Yoga. She loves Yoga and advocates teaching students with positive encouragement pedagogy and regards teaching yoga as a happy lifelong ambition and mission.

1-ON-1 Private Class Fee

Class CodeNo of ClassPriceAverageValid Period
PT4432008002 Month(s)
PT6645607603 Month(s)
PT101070007004 Month(s)